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During its nine years in operation, from 2006 to 2015, the mission of the Catholic Distance Learning Network was to provide certification in online teaching and learning to seminary and theological school faculty for the purpose of preparing them to offer courses online.

Since 2015, the Catholic Distance Learning Network has continued to offer and update its training materials according to the needs of the institutions that make use of them. For assistance in mapping any of the content within the certification courses onto the needs of your particular program, please contact Dr. Sebastian Mahfood, OP, at

Digital Bark

"Without fear we want to set out upon the digital sea,
embracing its unrestricted navigation with the same passion
that for 2,000 years has steered the barque of the Church."
- Pope Benedict XVI

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Teaching Standards:
According to ATS Guidelines "Programs of distance education shall demonstrate the collaborative nature and research dimensions of theological scholarship that foster critical thinking skills. According to the degree program requirements, distance education programs shall seek to enhance personal and spiritual formation appropriate to the school’s mission and ecclesiastical tradition and identity, be sensitive to individual learning styles, and recognize diversity within the community of learners. Courses shall provide sufficient interaction between teachers and learners and among learners to ensure a community of learning and to promote global awareness and sensitivity to local settings."