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Welcome to the Certification Course in Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Design!

Module 1:  MOOC Design and the fundamentals of topic selection and storyboarding.

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"Major Players in the MOOC Universe" by Digital Campus

"Two Cheers for Web U!" by A. J. Jacobs

"What Professors Can Learn From 'Hard Core' MOOC Students" by Jeffrey R. Young

"Why Do Students Enroll in (But Don’t Complete) MOOC Courses?" by Ian Quillen

"MOOC Students Who Got Offline Help Scored Higher, Study Finds" by Steve Kolowich

"A New Thing" by the Editors of America: The National Catholic Review

"Before MOOCs, ‘Colleges of the Air’" by Susan Matt and Luke Fernandez

"An Interesting Roundtable on Online Education and MOOCs" (Video: 1:08:03)

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