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Determination of the relevance of found information within the framework of a research problem and preliminary outline 



Developing students into skilled researchers begins by inviting them into our disciplines through a merging of content and process within long-term instruction. This involves helping students to understand the knowledge base, metanarrative and method found in each discipline.  In the activities and assignments, below, you will have an opportunity to reflect on teaching the emphases of your discipline as you enable your students to understand disciplinary research processes.

One area of consistent student struggle is choosing the most relevant results from the options available to them.  This difficulty is a combination of a number of factors:




Research Question: Did Solomon write Ecclesiastes?


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"I'd always suspected that we were just teaching our students about our disciplines without ever inviting them to take ownership over them, but I always made a subconscious kind of excuse for my own complicity in that. This course in teaching research design calls all faculty to a higher standard on engaging students in how to enter into our disciplines." - Dr. Sebastian Mahfood, OP, Coordinator of the Catholic Distance Learning Network